Marketing holds the power to automate sales.

When done right, your marketing outreach can act as a powerful trigger that not only influences consumer behaviour in the larger context but makes “sales” a mere formality. 

Companies such as Apple, Tesla, Coca Cola, Tiffany, Intel are a good example of this. 

Their marketing campaign has not only convinced the buyer about the benefits and features of the product but also impressed upon them the indispensable nature of subsequent upgrades and the need for maintaining continued patronage of the company. Most importantly, their marketing messages have attached a certain degree of prestige to the ownership of the product and turned their consumers into their most loyal advocates. 

As a result of such powerful outreach, every new product or any additions/improvements to the existing products have an assured and eager consumer base. Thus, their sales are automated, as in their marketing sets in motion a chain of events that make sales almost inevitable and effortless.

While the majority of us can not operate on the scale of multi-billion dollar brands, we can still get the basics of marketing right. Such a simple step can prove powerful in recreating the above-said sales automation effect among your niche consumer community. If you want to bring such strategic focus onto your marketing efforts, the Marketing professionals community of CommunityZapp could be your invaluable ally. 

Marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, consumer relations

The Marketing professionals community is the ideal online space for networking with fellow professionals, getting expert consultations, taking part in strategic discussions, keeping an eye on the latest trends and finding collaborators/partners. Whether you are a junior strategist, team leader, or CEO, the group has certain resources to offer that will help you in your everyday marketing decisions. Apart from sales itself, you can also get information about various online and offline marketing channels, budgeting, advertising, social media, branding, and localized insights from the members and experts on the platform. 

According to the marketing professionals on CommunityZapp, here are the 3 key areas you should focus on for creating a marketing strategy that automates sales – 

  1. Market Research

Having a high-quality product with a strong appeal to the potential consumers is the best possible marketing strategy in itself. Market research is the tool that will help you develop such a product by providing crucial insight into market needs, customer preferences, and your competition. Your market research should focus on the following areas –

  • Spot business opportunities – Identify the pain points that make your product, its add-ons, upsells etc relevant. Similarly, find new consumer segments or geographical locations to expand your footprint. 
  • Product testingUnderstand how your product or upgrades work in real-life conditions. Also, test your delivery mechanisms along with product performance for quicker course- correction.
  • Outsell competitors Find a consumer segment that is not tapped into or dissatisfied with your competitor’s products. Then, identify and address their needs in your product design, features, performance, pricing etc. 
Marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, consumer relations

The marketing community of CommunityZapp and the platform as a whole provides powerful opportunities for market research. 

To begin with, you can get recommendations for the best tools and technologies of data collection and analysis through the Q&A sessions with experts or by approaching specific industry leaders directly through private messaging tools. By creating a brand community for your company/product, you will get a direct line of communication with your consumers either for understanding their needs or for product trials. 

The discussion boards and polls on general interest communities (Tech enthusiasts, photography, travel, sports etc.) could be used to understand consumer behaviour in the larger industry context. You could even leverage interactions with the members of communities like alumni/college communities or residential communities for collecting data about a hyper-local consumer segment. 

Ps Don’t forget to use the deep search tools of CommunityZapp to find customers from specific categories (city, profession, age group, sex etc.) and incorporate their unique preferences into your product design process. 

2. Marketing message and outreach –

The importance of a high impact marketing mix that instantly connects with the consumer and triggers purchase behaviour can not be understated. One of the most powerful ways of doing this is through stories that organically communicate brand value and philosophy along with the necessity of the product. Here are some basics of storytelling –

  • Tell the story of your product – Let your consumers know how your product is designed to serve their specific needs at each design point. Focus on the positive difference your product will make in their lives. 
  • Tell the story of your brand – Let the customers know your journey and philosophy. Encourage them to build a personal connection with your company and get invested in your growth. 
  • Tell the stories of your customers – Nothing convinces a potential buyer about the relatability of your product more than an endorsement from someone they know either personally or follow on social media. 
Marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, consumer relations

When it comes to tweaking your marketing message and creating an outreach strategy, CommunityZapp could provide valuable inputs.

First of all the brand community and other general interest communities related to your product are perfect for testing your message. In your brand community itself, you can find advocates who will be glad to endorse your product over their social media channels. The quick polls on the platform could be an interesting way of demonstrating customer preference for your product over your competitors. 

The deep search tools of the platform are ideal for finding customers from your target consumer segment and highlighting their stories in your marketing outreach for maximum impact. Finally, if you are looking for some assistance in the creative department, the members of Graphic design community or Writers community could help you with that. 

Ps – If you are getting a star or a local celebrity to endorse your product, use their fan communities on the platform for cross-promotion and boost exposure. 

3. Customer experience 

Delivering a standout customer experience is the key to building customer loyalty, encouraging repeat sales or endorsements, and creating a unique niche for your product.  So, pro-act rather than react to your customer expectations by keeping an eye on their feedback constantly. Your customer experience strategy should aim to achieve the following –

  • Big picture – Customer experience is not limited to the single purchase point – it is spread over each and every interaction with your brand. Strive to make each touchpoint special, personal, and memorable. 
  • Establish an active communication channel – Listen and talk to your customers on your website and social media. Demonstrate your willingness to acknowledge and address their concerns in a timely manner.
  • Do more – Aim to set in place systems and processes (including the staff) that not only meet customer expectations but surprise them with extra care and support throughout product consumption. 
Marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, consumer relations

If you are looking for a way to make your customer feel valued and pampered, CommunityZapp could the ideal avenue for doing that. 

Being part of your invite-only brand community adds a feeling of exclusivity and prestige for the consumers. In both brand communities and general interest communities, you can demonstrate your interest in consumer opinions by being an active participant in their discussions or responding to the queries in private messages. 

You could also let your team members hold Q&A sessions that answer specific queries of customers and explain the complex technical aspects. The event section of CommunityZapp could be used to create an exclusive event invite (online or offline) for your product launch or trial. 

Ps – If you are looking to hire a customer relations expert or a social media manager, advertise on the job boards, dedicated job communities, and professional communities on CommunityZapp for attracting the best talent. 

Today brands are hyper-aware of the need for creating a consumer-centric marketing strategy. In this crucial process, online communities could make a huge difference by giving you an access point to authentic data, helping you design the perfect marketing message, and establish a direct line of communication with your consumers.

Join the Marketing professionals community of CommunityZapp today to understand how you can leverage brand communities to create a high impact marketing strategy that resonates with your consumers.