Career, career change, sabbatical, professional, career development, career transition

Our careers are dynamic by nature and are bound to undergo a series of changes through our lifetimes.

Many of these changes are due to external factors and many times they might be a result of our own personal decisions. Irrespective of the cause, a career transition is something we all might have to contend on multiple occasions. 

These changes often prove to be a hiccup or even a hurdle that need the combination of extensive preparation, the right attitude, and powerful support systems to ensure smooth sailing. The professional and networking communities of CommunityZapp provide exactly such a resource base and support systems that can make the whole process as pain-free as possible. 

Whether you are looking for job openings, resources to update your skills, mentorship from veterans, or build a reliable network with your peers, CommuntyZapp provides an all in one platform for achieving all your objectives right at your fingertips. So, whether you are going through a career change, return after a sabbatical, job loss, or lack of competitive skills, CommunityZapp can connect you with real-life resources that can assist you. 

Here are three major career hiccups and how the support of your online communities of CommunityZapp can help you fix them – 

  1. Career Change– 

Easier said than done, career changes can be extremely challenging and stressful if undertaken without right planning and preparation. Successful career changes require exhaustive updating of skills, long-periods spent learning on the job, and even personal, financial, and relationship sacrifices. But such transitions are not entirely impossible and can prove to be very satisfying in the end. 

Career, career change, sabbatical, professional, career development, career transition

Here is how your online community can help you navigate the challenges of a career change – 

  • Get higher education – If your career change requires that you get additional qualifications, alumni communities and college communities (IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Varanasi, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta etc.) are a good starting point connect with students/professors/administrators to find apt courses.
  • Turn your hobby/passion into a career – Many times people quit jobs to pursue their passions. If you want to do so, join professional communities (Photographers, journalists, graphic designers, comedians etc.) for networking and resources.
  • Start your own thing – If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, join the Startzapp community and get mentorship, expert advice, and support. Here you can use deep search filters of the platform to find people from your own city or people with similar qualifications/experience for collaborations and partnerships. 
  • Find mentors – The professional communities of CommunityZapp can help you find mentors who will help you with referrals, networking, and making strategic decisions amongst various career options.

2. Career Breaks and Job Loss – 

Returning to work after a career break or a gap caused by job loss can bring about major apprehensions if you are not adequately prepared. Additionally, a gap in the resume can create difficulties while finding jobs as it is considered to deteriorate skills and lower your value as a potential employee. This is a particularly tough situation for women returning to work after maternity breaks thanks to the stereotypes associated with motherhood and careers. 

Career, career change, sabbatical, professional, career development, career transition

Here is how your online community can help you find employment opportunities after a break or job loss –

  • Job boards – CommunityZapp has dedicated job boards on which details of jobs and openings are shared by fellow members. Here you can find suitable openings and apply through relevant links shared on the job boards. 
  • Dedicated Job communities – On these communities you can find job listings shared by both HR professionals and fellow members. You could even use city or profession filters on the platform to connect with other professionals for discussions. 
  • Professional communities – The professional communities on the platform (marketing, IT professionals, event managers, Investors, journalists etc.) are a great resource for finding insider info about internships, part-time and full-time openings, project-based assignments etc. 
  • City-specific communities – CommunityZapp has many city-specific communities (Bangalore professionals, Chennai IT professionals etc.) wherein you can connect with professionals from your city and find job opportunities in convenient locations. 

3. Outdated Skills – 

Most of the employers are not willing to pay for your learning curve -either in money, time, or opportunity costs. This kind of need for constantly updating skills and knowledge has become a default feature in today’s increasingly tech centred workplace. You might also need to update your skills if you have to tackle role changes successfully and make vertical movement along the organisational hierarchy. 

Career, career change, sabbatical, professional, career development, career transition

Here is how your online community can help you find appropriate options for updating your skills – 

  • Info about workshops and courses – The events section of CommunityZapp is an excellent resource for finding workshops and resources that help you update your skills whether on the weekends or in the evenings without affecting your job schedule. 
  • Find mentors that can guide you – The professional communities and alumni community will help you find mentors who can guide you and help you find resources for updating and practising your skills. 
  • Get recommendations for online resources – Members of professional communities can recommend valuable online resources for updating your skills from the comfort of your home. The Q and A sessions with experts are also a good place for getting recommendations for resources to brush up particular skills. 
  • Leverage private communities – You could even create a private community and invite selected colleagues and relevant acquaintances for resource sharing and cross-learning. 

Nobody’s career is a straight line. 

In spite of our best intentions and plans, life events, market conditions, technological innovations, personal commitments etc. often interfere and lead to kinks in our career graphs. But, with the right support system, we can navigate these challenges successfully and create a career that we are proud of. 

Are you struggling with a career hiccup? Check-in with the professional communities and job-boards of CommunityZapp for finding practical solutions to your career transition questions.