Detox, community, social media addiction, stress, self-care

‘Balanced life’ has been the biggest mirage of our generation. 

For far too long, we have been worshipping at the altar of balance. We have been chasing the elusive gold standard that helps us organize our lives in such a way that we are able to show up equally to all the commitments in different areas of our lives.  

But, off late, the bubble has burst – people are realizing that balance is not only impossible but the pursuit of it taxes our health and well-being. So, we are increasingly shifting our focus towards building a prioritized life rather than a balanced life. 

Having a prioritized life means aiming at equitable distribution of your time and resources among the different priorities of your life. Such an approach is much more realistic and achievable. 

If you are aiming to build a prioritized life, detoxing would be the first step. 

Detoxing has two facets – one would be removing the toxic influences that hinder you from paying attention to your priorities. The second one would be replacing habits or activities that are causing imbalances in different areas of your life. 

Traditionally, our communities (whether it was a friend, neighbour, family elders) were central to such effective detoxing and prioritizing. For instance, if you wanted to take a break or if you dropped the ball someone was always there to catch it. Similarly, if you wanted to quit an addiction or take on a new eating/exercising habit, you could always find the company that would keep you both motivated and accountable. But, as our worlds become so small and so concentrated, we no longer that such reliable and trusted social connections. 

While social media has given us some semblance of such a connect, it fails miserably in fostering deeper connections that cater to our emotional and practical needs. Moreover, let us not even get started on the need for detoxing social media itself as its 24×7 connectivity makes switching off impossible. 

In such a scenario, online community platforms like CommunityZapp and CareSpace are emerging as a viable option for finding resources, info, expert advice, real-life inputs, and personalized interactions for creating a prioritized life. Here are the specific ways in which communities of CareSpace and CommunityZapp can help you with detoxing your work, online, and personal life – 

Detox, community, social media addiction, stress, self-care
  1. Streamline Your Work 

Usually, many factors at your job are out of your control and you have very little leg space to move things around to suit your priorities. Still, there are some proactive steps you can take to declutter your work or professional life. To begin with, understand what kind of time commitment you are giving right now and identify areas which you want to change. Discuss with your team and manager how to accommodate this through options like working from home, switching teams, shifting to a different branch to cut commute and so on. Instead of mindlessly meeting targets set by HR, set personal goals that give better direction and focus on your daily activities and eliminate unnecessary actions that lead you nowhere. 

Online community platforms like CommunityZapp could be a huge help in streamlining your work life. Join your professional community (graphic designers, Chennai IT professionals, marketing professionals etc.) on CommunityZapp for finding practical strategies that work at your job. The Q&A sessions with experts on CommunityZapp could be used to find answers for your specific questions from experts. You could even start a private community of your own and invite like-minded friends and colleagues for finding solutions together. 

Ps –  Do you feel that your job conditions are too untenable and want to go for the nuclear option?

Head to the dedicated Job boards, exclusive job communities, your city’s professional communities of CommunityZapp to find apt job openings. 

Detox, community, social media addiction, stress, self-care

2. Detox Your Virtual Life

Before you say, “But, my whole life is on the internet”, we do understand the impracticality of going cold turkey on your online life and the impossibility of switching off completely. Once again, here also prioritising is the keyword. The purpose of a digital detox should be to find the most constructive and productive online activities and spend more time indulging them rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media. 

A good starting point of a digital detox would be to switch off for an hour or two every day. If that is too hard for you, why not just resist the temptation of checking emails or Instagram first thing in the morning?  Or have a no gadget policy at the dinner table? Another important step that you can take is to replace addictive social media with platforms like CommunityZapp that provide deeper engagement, constructive interactions, and expert advice whether it is for your work (professional communities, startup community etc) or hobbies and interests (tech, spirituality, traveling, writing, sports, celebrity, photography etc.)

Ps. – You want to get away from the clutches of social media but just don’t know where to start?

Head to the Social media addiction support community of CareSpace to get all the support, resources, practical strategies and expert advice that you need.

Detox, community, social media addiction, stress, self-care

3. Focus on Self-Care

Your self-care detox should aim at weeding out destructive activities and reinforcing the habits and support systems that add to your overall well being. A self-care detox could be as simple as getting 8 hours sleep, eating healthy home-cooked food, or a quick meditation. But, depending on your life circumstances and stressors, it could be as complex as seeking support for a mental health issue or exploring alternative medicine for a chronic ailment. 

In this regard, healthcare support community platforms like CareSpace could be a huge help. CareSpace has a wide variety of support communities for issues like wellness (fitness, nutrition, happiness, weight loss), addiction recovery (alcoholism, gaming, porn), lifestyle diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart health, digestive issues) and mental health (dementia, depression, stress, anxiety, grief). You can get all the non-judgemental support, expert advice, recommendations for local resources, and practical advice for any or all of these issues right on the CareSpace platform. 

Ps. – Want to seek help but feel self-conscious and anxious about confidentiality?

No worries – On CareSpace platform you need not share your personal details like email or phone number while registering and can take part in discussions or Q&A sessions anonymously. Moreover, you can even create an invite-only private community and create a safe space for interacting with people whom you trust.  

Success and peace of mind do not always come from doing more.

More often than not, our triumph and sense of fulfilment are gained by doing fewer things in a better manner. 

This is why having the right priorities and clarity about actions needed to achieve them can give you a well-rounded life rather than trying to do everything all at once. So, detoxing work and virtual life and committing to personal well being should be a priority for everyone. 

So, head to CommunityZapp and CareSpace today in order to find all the support, info, resources, expert advice, and constructive interactions that you need to bring focus onto the right priorities in your life.