Money, mindset, investing

Money is no longer a dirty word. 

There was a time when money and wealth were commonly but mistakenly associated with greed or pure materialism. Furthermore, people used to operate in the extremes – either they chased money mindlessly or gave up all of it. Thankfully with changing times, we are finding a much reasonable middle ground. 

One of the biggest hindrances to changing the money mindset is that we are constantly bombarded with messages to choose passion over money or people surrounding us are deeply uncomfortable discussing money. A desire and drive to earn money is often considered a negative trait and therefore invites judgement. But money is not a luxury; it is a necessity – which might be a bit harsh to accept but that is the reality. It gives you greater freedom, flexibility, and opportunities to aggressively chase your passions. 

In such a scenario, it is crucial that you surround yourself with people who have a positive relationship with money and operate from a place of abundance. The Investing support community on CommunityZapp is exactly the place where you can look for such people to connect and interact with. 

The Investing support community is a vibrant online community of enthusiastic investors who are passionate about boosting their earnings, exploring interesting investment opportunities, and maximising the returns on their various monetary commitments. Apart from online discussions, info and interactions with experts, the community also exposes you to real-life events and opportunities for building deep connections through private messaging.

Earning money is important – but, even more important is to learn to view money as a part of our lives rather than the focus of our lives. 

This is a vital attitude, approach, and philosophy that all the members of Investing support community continuously strive to achieve. So, here are five vital money mindset shifts that the members of Investing community of CommunityZapp rely on in order to achieve their money goals – 

Money, mindset, investing
  1. Give your money direction –

Money is not inherently evil – it does not have an intrinsic moral connotation. What kind of meaning you attach it determines how you view it and what role it can play in your life. So, it is important that you understand the reasons and feelings you are attaching to your activities surrounding money. A good way to consciously do this is to give your money direction and create a purpose-driven portfolio. 

For instance, you could do savings and investments for your child’s education, buying a house, taking a career break, starting your own company, retirement, buying a car etc. Similarly, if you are trying to do business or want to shift to a higher-paying job, have clarity about what role the extra dough is going to play in your life. 

For more specific advice on creating a purpose-driven portfolio, check-in with fellow members of Investing support community through the discussion boards. You could also get answers from the experts in the Q&A sessions. Among the members, you can also find mentors who can help with practical strategies for developing a money roadmap that gives you purpose and direction. 

Money, mindset, investing

2. Learn to give money away 

This seems a bit contrary on the surface but has huge consequences on how to view and handle your money. We know this will be a somewhat challenging mindset shift when we are conditioned to possess money. But when you learn to give money from a place of generosity and abundance, it creates a better sense of balance and satisfaction regarding your money generation attempts. 

One way to do this is to give to charity or causes that you feel passionately about in your residential community or locality. Another emerging opportunity is to invest your money in impact investing projects so that you earn your returns on organizations that are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally conscious products and services. 

For starters, you could create a residential community on CommunityZapp for your building and discuss with fellow residents to find opportunities for contributing. Similarly, members of the Investing support community could recommend impact investing opportunities for you. You could also find local events and activities that are worthy of your involvement through the events section of the platform. 

Money, mindset, investing

3. Change your money script 

What you say to yourself and others has a huge impact on how you subconsciously perceive money and how you view your struggles/challenges associated with earning it. So, bonding with your friends over money troubles and constantly complaining about how hard it is or how unfair the system is to you will do you no real good. Replace those trash talk sessions with discussions and interactions with people who are positive and passionate about earning and managing money. 

If you have a negative money script (‘I will never never be able to earn that much’, ‘Share market is too complicated’, ‘I have never earned that much before’ and so on) it will be a huge roadblock that stops you from doing anything out of your comfort zone. Replace such self-talk with a positive script that instils a pro-active and positive attitude towards money.

Join fellow members of Investing support community through discussion boards, polls, and private messaging for consistent positive interactions surrounding money. You could also check out the video library of CommunityZapp for more resources on making such a mindset and attitude shift. 

Actively pursuing monetary gains is the new normal.

Apart from the novel opportunities of earning money, a huge change has come over in how we view the role of money in our lives and what we want to use it for. So, naturally, we need an attitude shift in order to optimize our earning potential and allocate our resources effectively to that end.

So, connect with the experts and members of Investing support community of CommunityZapp today and actively work on your money mindset shift.