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From the day that we touched our first camera, most of us have nurtured the dream of making a career out of it. 

And, as time went on, most of us have realized that while being a photographer is fun but, becoming a professional photographer can be a bit challenging. 

Of course, you are into photography for the love of the art – but we all have to sing for our supper. So, if you want to seriously pursue photography full time, you must strategize to create components and activities that take care of your financial commitments. This is doubly important if you want to be a freelancer or you are making a major career shift from a full-time job to photography. 

Turning your passion into profession is no cakewalk. That is why support systems can act as a lifeline that helps you through each stage of your transition and make it as complication-free as possible. The Photography enthusiasts community of CommunityZapp is exactly such a crucial resource for both amateur and professional photographers alike as it offers the latest info, expert advice, and networking opportunities all in one place. 

Whether you want to know about where to buy the equipment, where to get your photos printed, how to advertise your products on Amazon, which are the best stock image sites to work with, or which is the best photography course in your city – Photography enthusiasts community is the only place you need to head to for instant answers. The platform even has dedicated job boards wherein you can easily find photography assignments and approach the advertisers right on CommunityZapp. 

Naturally, many of its members are beginners or amateurs and are using the various features like discussion boards, Q&A sessions, polls, social media feeds, and private messaging for building a photography career from scratch. So, this community is the place to be if you have serious ambitions of being a full-time photographer. 

If you are indeed making such a career transition, here is how you can use professional platforms like CommunityZapp to create and execute a long term photography career strategy –

Photography, career, passion, photographer
  1. Go local

Working with local businesses is a great way to get started in building a solid portfolio and a client roster. Instead of doing generalised cold calling, try to identify specific activities of local businesses and organisations that match your skills. Then, approach them with a proper portfolio and an appealing proposal for working together. 

CommunityZapp has several professional, brand, and general interest communities. The deep search tools of the platform can be used in each of these communities to find local contacts. 

For instance, you can find Startup owners from specific a city on StartZapp community and connect with them for product photography or developing social media content. Similarly, you can approach the alumni and college communities on CommunityZapp and connect with the admins for securing photography assignments. 

Another potential client group that you can tap into are the residential societies on CommunityZapp. Here you can not only get orders for photographing the get-togethers and activities at the residential society, but also find individual clients among the members. Additionally, you could even create an invite-only community for photographers in from your city that can act as a professional association. Having such a community will help you with cross learning, resource sharing, networking, handling legalities, and developing fair pricing guidelines etc. 

Photography, career, passion, photographer

2. Create a digital brand

A digital and social media footprint is a crucial component for building your brand as a photographer from day one. It is a good idea to have a photography blog or Pinterest/Instagram that can showcase your portfolio and help you earn a loyal following. Apart from the visibility, you can monetize your digital brand by creating courses, tutorials, webinars, and newsletters that offer valuable content to fellow professionals for a paid subscription. 

The members of Photography support community of CommunityZapp can be a vital resource for designing the content and approach of your online brand. For instance, you could conduct market research in the community through polls and discussions about the technique that the fellow enthusiasts might be eager to learn. You can even use the deep search tools to find various types of photographers (portrait, product, fine art, fashion, sports etc.) and connect with them through private messages to understand their preferences. 

The content marketers and social media managers on the Marketing support community of CommunityZapp can help you design your website or plan an effective social media outreach. Finally, you could even approach various brands on CommunityZapp and collaborate with them to create influencer marketing content for social media. Apart from photography itself, you can offer your services as an editor to the photographers on the platform and create a digital footprint among the larger photographers community.

Photography, career, passion, photographer

3. Teach photography – 

Teaching photography serves a dual purpose – It will help you earn some dough and also help you keep updating your own technique/knowledge. Teaching photography can take many forms – you could hold classes that train the students in the use of equipment, conduct photo editing classes, host training, or workshops for specific category or technique, or even hold a photography tour of monuments and tourist attractions of your city. 

In order to be an effective teacher, it is crucial that you polish your own photography skills. The Q&A sessions with experts on CommunityZapp along with resources recommended by veteran photographers can help you gain the expertise you need. The exclusive events section of CommunityZapp platform is an excellent space for promoting your course, training or workshop among the photography enthusiasts. 

The events section could also be leveraged to find collaborators. For instance, you can approach a social media marketing guru and partner with them to add a component about image editing/optimising for social media feeds at their event. Similarly, you can also approach the brands and businesses to partner with you to give sample products to participants or sponsor your training. Additionally, advertising your event can help you grab the attention of other related professionals like event managers or product managers who are looking for photography talent to hire. 

You may not be able to take up photography full time right-now. But that should not stop you from doing something every day towards making your dream career a reality. It is also an opportunity to do something concrete that will add up over time and prepare the ground for the time when you are ready to take the big plunge. 

So, join the Photography enthusiasts community of CommunityZapp today and take the first step towards your dream career.