Parenting is a bittersweet journey. 

While we celebrate all the milestones from the first step and the first word to the first day of school, they all end up in increasing the distance between us and our children. As their worlds expand, we do take great pride in their adventures but definitely miss the sweet innocent babe that we held in our arms just yesterday. Therefore, through all the important life events, we are bound to undergo a complex emotional journey and so do our children. Nothing symbolizes this more than the separation anxiety that the kids and parents feel in the first days of schooling. 

We all would love to keep our children safe from the harsh world outside, but it is inevitable that they must seek their own destiny and fortunes. Failing to equip and encourage your child to do so would be a great catastrophe for both parents and kids. As with any parenting adjustment, when the child first goes off to school or playhouse, the parents and the kids usually have some teething troubles. During this period of major adjustment, many children and even parents often feel different degrees of nervousness, stress, and anxiety when faced with the prospect of separation. While parents do have the mental resources that can help to navigate these challenges, children often suffer, unable to express their fears and end up being unfairly labelled as difficult, whiny, temperamental etc.  

As much as we romanticize parenting and raising children, we must accept that it comes with daily challenges that keep us on an emotional roller coaster. eparation anxiety is one such key challenge that both we and our children are bound to face at different junctures of life. Learning the art of making smooth transitions, therefore, becomes a crucial life skill for both parents and children. Traditionally, elders and the surrounding community played a valuable role in supporting families during this period of transition. But as time passed, we lost both the big families and deep connections to our communities.  In such a scenario, online support communities like CareSpace are emerging as one of the most reliable support system and resource base for the parents. 

Specifically, the kid’s health support community of CareSpace is a specialised online community that provides all-around support and expert advice for the mental, physical, emotional wellbeing of both the parents and the children. This is the space for parents to find fellow parents, doctors, specialists, therapists, and psychologists who can help them with everyday parenting challenges and help their kids to thrive. 

As separation anxiety is one of the major parenting concerns, members of the community consistently work towards finding solutions for it.  So, Here are the major ways in which your community can help in easing your child’s separation anxiety and also support you through this difficult period – 

  • Judgement free space – Many parents often fail to seek help in managing separation anxiety as they perceive the behaviour of the child to be embarrassing or shameful, and therefore a reflection of their parenting skills. CareSpace effectively overcomes this by providing a judgement free space wherein parents can get the support they need without feeling self-conscious. You would even have the opportunity of creating a private community and inviting fellow parents, friends, family, teachers etc that you feel comfortable to open up to and seek help. 
  • Expert advice – Through the Q & A sessions of CareSpace’s expert panel, you will have access to various professionals like paediatricians, therapists, psychologists, counsellors etc. who can guide you through this period of separation anxiety. You also have the option of looking up the teachers in the community through deep search tools and ask for their advice about how to coordinate with your child’s school regarding the separation anxiety issues.  
  • Tried and tested strategies – Many times common sense advice works most effectively for everyday parenting challenges be it temper tantrums or picky eating. So, naturally, the tried and tested strategies shared in the discussion and polls by fellow members on CareSpace becomes invaluable.
  • Counselling and support groups – If you feel like you need more hands-on support, fellow members on CareSpace kids health community will recommend best local support groups and therapists/counsellors etc. for you. 
  • Find the best schools – You can use the deep search tools of the platform to find and connect with parents from your city and get recommendations for teachers and schools that are equipped to handle the challenges that your child faces. 
  • Events – More often than not spending quality time with your children will bring you both a lot of relief than spending a whole day together distracted. Fellow parents on CareSpace can be of huge help in this regard by recommending events and activities that can help you bond with your child without the distraction of daily responsibilities. You could even host a get together for parents in your locality/city or from your child’s school who are facing similar challenges and invite them through the dedicated events section of the platform.  
  • Help for yourself and your partner – If you are struggling with any physical ailment (diabetes, hypertension etc.) or mental health (postpartum depression, stress, addiction etc.) condition, it will most probably affect your parenting and aggravate the separation anxiety that you feel. If you or your partner is facing such healthcare issues, CareSpace has many specialised communities that provide support, practical advice, and expert interactions for managing the same. 
  • Manage medications – If you or your child is suffering from mental health challenges like stress, panic attacks, depression etc. as a result of separation anxiety, your doctor might prescribe medications. Through CareSpace’s medicine tracker, you can schedule the timing and dosage of such medications and set reminders for taking them. This is pretty useful as you can ensure that even if a family member or a nanny is caring for your child, they never miss a medication schedule or get confused about the dosage. 
  • Research and updates – Parenting challenges often demand that you stay up to date with the world and find solutions that work with changing times. Through CareSpace, you can follow specific hashtags on social media relating to parenting or childcare and watch the recommended videos in the video library in order to stay informed. 

“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

                                                                                                               – Dr Seuss

This statement aptly describes the attachment your child feels and how much she relies on your presence for comfort, security and happiness. So, it is your foremost responsibility to ensure that, your child can feel the same levels of security and comfort irrespective of the physical distance between you. In order to do this successfully, having the support of fellow parents and parenting experts through CareSpace might prove to be a pivotal factor. 

While separation is a fact of life, it need not be painful or trauma inducing – especially for the child. Help yourself, your partner, and your child through this challenging period with the help of fellow parents and experts on the Kids health support community of CareSpace today.