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An organisation is the sum of people who work for it.

Whether you agree with this statement or not, you cannot deny how crucial people are to the existence, efficiency, and success of any organisation. From leaders to foot soldiers, having the right people for the right position goes a long way in establishing organisation culture, work ethic, and systems that propel it towards success and profitability.  

Finding the best talent among the sea of professionals has always been a key challenge for HR professionals. While digital innovations like social media and recruitment platforms have definitely eased the process, the sheer amount of data flow on these often results in many viable candidates slipping through your net unnoticed. Also, as you have little or no relationship with potential candidates, you will rarely get the opportunity to convince such candidates to overlook the handicaps (business volume, workplace, salary offered, work timings etc.) of your position and focus on the potential for growth and career advancement. 

Hence, the need for more personalised digital platforms that enable long term relationship building, regular interactions, and nurturing of talent over a long period of time is on the rise. CommunityZapp is exactly such a platform that is designed to promote organic networking and interactions that boost not only your access to the top candidates but also give you the opportunity to establish a desirable organization profile along with augmenting your bargaining position during the hiring process.  

CommunityZapp is an innovative digital platform that has professional communities which enable the exchange of ideas, networking, mentorships, and interactions with several industry leaders and experts. On the communities of the platform, professionals from various industries (form both public or invite only communities) take part in discussions, polls, and expert sessions. 

Being part of such communities can help the HR teams to understand the various priorities and expectations of potential employees and fine tune their employment offer accordingly. CommunityZapp platform can also be effectively leveraged to find and connect with potential employees in the following ways – 

HR, Human resources, Hiring, Hiring for startups, Hiring for small business, professionals
  • Job boards – If you have an opening that you need to fill, the dedicated job boards of CommunityZapp are perfect for you. Here you can get your job on the radar of professionals on the platform by sharing details like salary, experience, job description, contact details etc.
  • Job communities – Apart from the Job boards, CommunityZapp has dedicated job communities where openings and opportunities are shared. Posting details of your company’s offer is sure to get you responses from eligible candidates. 
  • Professional communities – CommunityZapp has exclusive communities of professionals from various specializations and industries like marketing professionals, engineers, event managers, writers, investors, IT consultants, graphic designers etc. The deep search filters on each of these communities can be used to find people from a specific city, educational background, experience,current position etc. Then, you can connect with them on the private messaging section of the platform for building a long term relationship and creating a readymade network of potential hires. 
  • City-specific communities – CommunityZapp has city centred communities like Chennai professionals and Bangalore professionals, wherein the professionals from a particular city get together for highly localised interactions. These communities can be used to draw the attention of professionals within your city towards the openings in your company. These communities are also excellent for finding local talent for jobs like front office or vendor outreach which need fluency in the local language. 
  • Student and Alumni communities – CommunityZapp has vibrant student and alumni communities of many prestigious educational institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Varanasi, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta etc. Connecting with the admins of these communities would help you get premium access to freshers and catch the best of the lot for your company. The alumni communities can be tapped for referrals of suitable candidates for your jobs. 
  • Brand/product community – If you are looking for people who can work on your organic brand outreach like social media influencers, retailers, product demonstrators etc., having a dedicated community for your brand on CommunityZapp will come in handy. The deep search filters on the platform help you find people from specific backgrounds, profiles, interests, and cities who are already interested in your product and therefore will be enthused and excited to take your brand forward. 
  • Expat and travel communities – If you are looking to hire people for internships and short/long term positions for projects abroad, the expat and travel communities on CommunityZapp will be of great help. You can not only hire suitable candidates from these communities but also get inside info about the prevailing job conditions in particular cities across the world. This will, in turn, help you to offer the best perks and attract the best talent for your company. 

In today’s highly digitised world, online communities and platforms are increasingly becoming the go-to option of ensuring preferential access to the best candidates across all industries. And, this trend is definitely set to intensify and expand as more and more HR teams are looking to find hassle-free and quick avenues that are not overloaded with data. The different communities like alumni, professional, and dedicated job communities of CommunityZapp have succeeded in providing exactly such an avenue. 

Don’t let even one more worthy employee slip through your fingers – Join CommunityZapp today and find the best talent that will be invaluable for the progress and prosperity of your company.