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We are halfway into 2019 and it seems like a good time to take stock of where you are in terms of your fitness goals.

Are you on track with your goals and schedules or are you struggling to find some motivation after the euphoria of new year resolution has worn off?

Either way, we could always use new strategies, inspiration, and accountability techniques that can help us get back on track or keep the good work going.

We have seen again and again that while we are great at making fitness plans, more often than not we fall short of creating a follow-through habit that helps us stick to them long-term. The problem could arise from many factors ranging from scheduling conflicts, unrealistic fitness goals, and unmotivating trainers to lack of connectivity with a thriving fitness community. No matter which particular challenge you are struggling from, it is definitely possible to find alternative workout plans and right inspiration that can help you reach your 2019 fitness goals in the next 6 months.

So, check out these four powerful strategies that will help you stick with your fitness habits and achieve your fitness goals –

Fitness, fitness tips, fitness motivation, inspiration, workout, lifestyle, exercise
  1. Get a support system in place

Is motivation your biggest challenge and you often feel uninspired to workout?

Do you frequently feel alone on your fitness journey?

If you are looking to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, the online fitness support community on CareSpace platform is tailor-made for you. The community has discussion boards and expert Q&A sections which the members use for sharing information and inspiration. You can also find fitness buddies and mentors on the platform who can help you create a system of accountability and motivation. The video section and social media feed on CareSpace are an excellent resource for finding the latest fitness updates and home workout options. The community is also an excellent resource for getting recommendations for local gyms/sports facilities, trainers, yoga studios etc. The events section of the platform is also a good source for finding the best fitness events like marathons and Zumba festivals etc. 

2. Assess and reset your goals

Do you have fitness goals that are interfering with your larger life goal?

Do you have unrealistic goals and an all or nothing approach?

Unrealistic goals and impossible schedules often fail in the long term because they do not accommodate your personal priorities. For instance, planning to workout every single day, or sacrificing family time for a run etc. is most likely to set you up for failure and result in ditching the fitness plans altogether. Your fitness standards and goals should be the ones that will help you perform better at your work, enjoy your hobbies, and show up consistently for your commitments to your family.

This might also be a good time to review your choice of workout. Not all of us enjoy being gym rats. Why not play a sport like badminton or go cycling with your family instead. Or go for a hike with your friends on alternate weekends for a change.

3. Get an attitude shift 

Have you fallen prey to the myth of the ideal body?

Are you focusing on appearance rather than performance?

Unless you are a movie star or a model where your body is a vital part of your work, not all of us need six packs or zero size figures. We need a healthy body that can support us to do the things we love most – work, travel, playing with kids etc. A good way to overcome this anxiety-inducing bottleneck is to acknowledge non-scale victories – It is not all about the number on the scale or inches lost. Think in terms of losing a dress size or climbing a flight of stairs without huffing or puffing, or not missing a scheduled workout for a month straight. Start to recognise and focus on improving your endurance and performance rather than how your body looks in that pair of skinny jeans. This approach eases the psychological pressure which will, in turn, make the daily workouts enjoyable and therefore sustainable. 

Fitness, fitness tips, fitness motivation, inspiration, workout, lifestyle, exercise

4. Leverage technology 

Are you ditching your fitness plans because you simply can not manage your schedule?

Do you have trouble keeping track of your performance?

Today’s technology can be used effectively to overcome many of the hurdles that you face on your fitness journey. Specifically, we have access to several mobile apps and wearable tech that can help you with scheduling, keeping track, and even find workouts that you can enjoy. Many of these devices like Apple watches and Fitbit can track your activity biometrically so that your performance is recorded automatically. Moreover, these devices leverage their cloud-based platforms to provide you with real-time analytics which you can access easily with your mobile. Apart from scheduling and tracking, you can use apps like BodBot and Noom which have one-on-one access to personal trainers, who can help you develop an at-home workout plan.

Having a fitness habit can not only help you avoid many lifestyle diseases but improve your quality of life overall. When you feel fit and healthy, you are more likely to manage to eat better, sleep better, work efficiently, and avoid stress & anxiety. All in all, it is a habit that is worth getting addicted to.

Are you looking for support, strategies and systems that will make the fitness habit work for you? Head to the fitness support community of CareSpace today for interactions with fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and experts.