Hypertension, BP, blood pressure, health, lifestyle diseases, BP diet, BP medication

For our body to function normally, various organs require oxygenated blood. This is provided by the heart which pumps blood at a certain pressure usually referred to as BP or blood pressure. Failing to keep this pressure at an optimal level could prove fatal. And perhaps more dangerous is the fact that patients suffering from high blood pressure might not have noticeable symptoms until the very last stage.

Though the symptoms may vary depending on the type of blood pressure (hypertension or hypotension) the causes are usually the same –

  • Age: As a person gets older the chances of getting hypertension is significantly high because the blood vessels start to get weaker over time.
  • Family history: Though there isn’t any proven evidence of direct correlation, the risk of getting hypertension is greater when a close family member suffers from it and the risk is intensified if that person also follows a poor lifestyle.
  • Obesity and being overweight: People who are overweight or have obesity have a higher chance of developing high blood pressure than those who are not overweight or obese.
  • Physical inactivity: Lack of exercise and having a sedentary lifestyle raise the risk of hypertension.
  • Smoking: Research has shown that people who smoke regularly can get high blood pressure because tobacco intake causes the blood vessels to narrow, resulting in higher blood pressure
  • Alcohol intake: Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can dramatically raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart failure, stroke, irregular heartbeat and many such heart diseases.

Ways to reduce Hypertension:

Unfortunately, hypertension is a chronic disease (there is no cure for it as of now), but there are ways to reduce blood pressure. Here are a few simple methods to keep blood pressure in check –  Walk and exercise regularly, reduce your sodium intake, drink less alcohol, eat more potassium-rich foods, cut back on caffeine etc. And the good news is that if these methods of reducing BP are incorporated into your lifestyle, then you might not even have to see those blood pressure tablets ever again.

While these methods are proven to reduce high blood pressure what is important is that you stick to these methods and be consistent. Consistency is the only way to guarantee that your blood pressure reduces. The best way to stay consistent is by surrounding yourself with others who also suffer from the same condition as you. That way everyone can encourage each other to stick to their lifestyle changes. While joining support groups provides you with the help you need it isn’t always convenient to physically go to meetings. So the best alternative to this is to join online communities for BP support.

Hypertension, BP, blood pressure, health, lifestyle diseases, BP diet, BP medication

Here’s where the aptly named BP support community on CareSpace comes into play, CareSpace is an online platform consisting of various health centred communities ranging from hypertension, heart issues to cancer support communities. On these communities, patients, families, and doctors come together to create a shared space for finding inspiration and information for making sustained lifestyle changes.

These were only a few of the features of the platform; here are a few more and how the BP support group, in particular, can help you –

  1. Take suggestions from in house Doctors

CareSpace also has many physicians and nutritionists to whom you will be able to ask your queries and get any clarification regarding your ailment through the expert sessions which are held by these physicians.

2. Start discussions

A common mistake most people who have high BP tend to make is that they assume what is good/bad for them – thus leading to even more bad health decisions. The best way to combat that is to simply host a discussion with your thoughts and you will see other members, as well as physicians, chime in.

3. Create polls

Polls are also another way to know what is needed but unlike the discussions, you can get others’ opinions on specific choices that you have narrowed down to. This also helps when you want to limit your choices or when you can’t seem to select among a few alternatives

4. Create/Follow events

From time to time it is nice to attend events, health camps, and drives relating to blood pressure. Through the dedicated events section of CareSpace, you can get info about these events near you or invite members to an event of your own.

5. Get recommendations

A huge advantage of being in a support community is that you’re able to get recommendations on the best doctor/ hospital to go to. Additionally, you can also get tried and tested lifestyle advice which has worked for other members. If you want to pursue alternative healthcare options like Ayurveda, you can get info and advice regarding that also.

6. Get more out of the platform by joining other communities

While the BP support community will feel like family, it would be best to take advantage of CareSpace wholly by joining other communities as well. For eg. you can join the food for life community to get the best advice on nutrition from various dieticians as well as longtime members. You can also try joining the fitness community and get the perfect workout regimen tailored for you.

Hypertension, BP, blood pressure, health, lifestyle diseases, BP diet, BP medication


With the help of CareSpace’s tracker, you can set reminders for dosage and timings of medications. There is no network restriction on the tracker and can be used offline as well. Additionally, the tracker also lets you keep an eye on vitals like BP levels and glucose readings. This is helpful for self-monitoring as well as for your doctor to understand your condition better.

8. Stay updated on discoveries and developments

In the news section within the app, you can browse and go through relevant articles which are related to hypertension so that you will be up to date on the recent developments in terms of medication options, nutrition, and exercise.

9. Video library

With the help of the video library in CareSpace, you will have access to a large number of curated videos related to hypertension that can help you understand your condition. The videos are also helpful for educating your family, friends, and colleagues regarding the importance of addressing hypertension and strategies for its management.

10. #hypertension

Members also have the option to follow specific hashtags on Twitter related to high blood pressure through relevant tags right from the platform making it even more convenient to stay in the loop.

Hypertension if left unchecked can prove to be fatal to us and lead to many other complications Luke heart disease and stroke.  So, it is always better to take precaution and take the right steps to control hypertension before it is too late.

Stop the ‘silent killer’ before it captures you, take the right decision and join the BP support community of CareSpace today!