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Proper medical attention is an indispensable part of pregnancy care

Right pre-natal care can help you avoid complications during pregnancy and childbirth. It also protects your baby from conditions like spinal bifida and gives her a healthy start in life.

With the exponential increase in access to medical care, today women have more choices than ever when it comes to the type of care that they get before, during, and after pregnancy. But, these numerous choices have also led to confusion among expecting mothers regarding the choice of doctors or birthing plans. This situation is further complicated by a lack of authentic and reliable support system that is readily available. Community healthcare platforms like CareSpace aim to fill this gap by providing a shared space for expert consults, localized recommendations, and practical support.

CareSpace is an all-inclusive healthcare platform and its Female health support community focuses on issues of women’s health and well being at every stage of life. On the community, women come together for creating a shared resource consisting of expert knowledge and practical application. From discussion boards, polls, integrated social media, expert Q&A sessions, and private messaging to a dedicated events section, the engagement options are endless. Particularly for pregnant women, the community provides an option for getting all the answers – both from fellow mothers or professionals, right at their fingertips.

Here is how your Female health community can help you find crucial support, information, and expert advice for managing medical components of pregnancy care –

Healthcare, health, pregnancy, motherhood, pregnant, gynecologist, obstetrician
  1. Managing Gestational hypertension and diabetes

Gestational hypertension or pregnancy-induced hypertension usually develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can have serious consequences like preeclampsia or placental abruption. First-time moms, women under 20, and women carrying multiples are at high risk of developing this condition. Pregnant women get gestational diabetes when their pancreas isn’t able to produce the extra insulin needed to keep increased blood sugar in check during pregnancy. Women over 35, who are overweight are at high risk for developing pregnancy-induced diabetes. Gestational diabetes puts you at risk of premature or stillbirth.  

CareSpace has exclusive support communities (both private and public) for the management of hypertension and diabetes. So, you can consult the experts on these communities apart from getting the advice of the gynaecologists on the female health support community. The platform also has a tracker that lets you keep an eye on vitals like glucose levels and blood pressure so that you can self-monitor the conditions and your doctor can also get an accurate picture about your health.

Healthcare, health, pregnancy, motherhood, pregnant, gynecologist, obstetrician

2. Finding Dr Right

Choosing the Ob/Gyn is a personal and important decision in pregnancy care. You can get recommendations for Ob/Gyns from your friends/relatives, family physician, doctor search platforms, and members of online support communities. While making the final decision, you should take factors like your own health history and possibilities of related complications, doctor’s outlook, your comfort level, convenience for visits etc. It is advisable to have a counselling session with your doctor before you become pregnant and get a baseline of your health markers in order to take preemptive measures and minimise future risks. It is also a good idea to discuss your birthing plan well in advance.

The very fact that you have access to more options than ever before could be the key factor muddying the waters when it comes to choosing the right obstetrician and gynaecologist. So, having a trusted resource like CareSpace wherein you can get recommendations from members for a doctor could prove invaluable in making a decision. Additionally, the doctors on the expert panel and fellow mothers on the female health support community could provide important insights and pointers in designing a birthing plan. Keeping this as a reference, you can work with your Ob/Gyn in developing a birthing plan that addresses all your concerns. If you want to enrol into a childbirth class, the members and the doctors on female health community can recommend local resources for the same.

Healthcare, health, pregnancy, motherhood, pregnant, gynecologist, obstetrician

3. Medication and supplements

During pregnancy, maintaining the right micronutrient levels of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are critical for supporting cell growth and cell signalling. Many women need supplementation along with a nutrient-rich diet to manage to ensure this. Common supplements address issues like iron/calcium deficiency, severe nausea and vomiting, dietary restrictions (vegans and women with food allergies), genetic mutations, and supporting multiple pregnancies. The usual supplements given are for folate/folic acid, iron, vitamin D, magnesium, and probiotics.

The expert panel of CareSpace which has highly qualified gynaecologists and healthcare practitioners whom you can consult regarding the various medications and help you understand the regimen. If you want to check out alternative medicine along with the usual supplements, CareSpace has communities like Ayurveda support dedicated to this purpose. CareSpace also has a handy tracker in which you can set reminders for timing and dosage of various medications so that you don’t miss any of them.

Healthcare, health, pregnancy, motherhood, pregnant, gynecologist, obstetrician

4. Emotional wellbeing and mental health

Pregnancy is definitely a joyous occasion but not infrequently, it is accompanied by mixed, or even negative feelings. Pregnancy often results in a host of physical and hormonal changes in you. Such changes affect your emotional and mental health by causing mood swings, worry, stress, anxiety and even maternal depression that often begins in pregnancy. If you have any symptoms of these conditions, it is crucial that you seek help asap. If you are already managing issues like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder, then you might need further fortification.

Unconditional and non-judgemental support plays a huge role in the management of mental health conditions, especially during pregnancy. Carespace has dedicated support communities for all the major issues (stress & anxiety, depression, substance abuse, social media addiction etc.) wherein you can get exactly such support. In these communities, you need not share any personal info such as phone number or social media handle and take part in discussions and Q&A sessions anonymously. Additionally, you have the option of creating a private community and invite selected people among your friends and family for support. If you want to consult a local therapist or join a local support group, you can get recommendations for the same from fellow members.

Consulting with the right professional and following the right healthcare regimen can result in hassle-free pregnancy, complications-free childbirth, and a healthy baby.

If you or a loved one is trying to find the right medical team and healthcare resources that support a healthy and happy pregnancy, head to the Female health support community on CareSpace today for all the info and expert advice that you need.