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2019 is definitely the right time for the businesses and marketing teams to take a hard look at the extent of their dependence on social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Declining organic reach and fierce competition combined with increasing apprehensions about data privacy are definitely putting social media out of favour as the go-to marketing and promotional tool. What was once considered the new frontier in marketing and promotion across industries has become a complicated algorithmic maze.

While social media platforms are definitely important marketing tools, they are not without their drawbacks and challenges. This is specially evident if you are from an overcrowded industry like tech entertainment or beauty. You will have trouble in both standing out to your potential customers and also in retaining their interest unless you invest heavily in continued long-term promotion. Moreover, today the audience has become quite adept in identifying and ignoring sponsored posts that are inserted into their newsfeeds.

t is therefore high time that we looked for more dynamic and intimate strategies that can drive both conversation and conversion with the consumers. It is definitely not advisable to completely ditch your social media marketing initiatives altogether. But, it is increasingly becoming clearer to brands and marketing experts that they do need to have alternative platforms, tools, and digital channels on hand that can compensate for the most glaring shortcomings of social media.

Dedicated community platforms like CommunityZapp belong to an exclusive family of such spaces which incorporate many usual features of social media but at the same time promote deeper and lasting engagement that can drive niche product promotion, better conversion, and long term brand building.

CommunityZapp is at its core a community building platform that adapts beautifully to build an exclusive brand community around your business. The key feature of brand communities on the platform is deep emotional engagement and sustained consumer loyalty building. Ease of community creation combined with simple but focused navigation tools make it highly desirable for both brands and consumers.

Marketing, social media, community, branding, brand, strategy, startup, digital, entrepreneur

CommunityZapp lets you segregate your customers into sub-segments based on individual product variants. Then you can use the deep search tools to check out each of these segments and demographics like city, professional backgrounds, industry etc. For example, if you are managing the community of potential & current owners of a car, you could ask the members to select the particular variant of that car which they are interested in, or have purchased. This detail now becomes a search filter and you can then quickly get to know how many people are interested in that specific variant This deep insight arms you with the ability to create highly relevant content that can be hyper-personalized and lead to high-value addition organically.

The segmentation will also help you a great deal in conducting marketing research or even offering discounts, offers or new product trials that appeal to each segment. It also has real-life benefits as you can have pop-up stores or product trials in specific cities. You can not only promote such initiatives in the event section but also invite specific members from the city through personal chats. It will also be a good idea to offer them referral points for every friend they bring along and generate leads.

Your community is also an excellent space for providing valuable customer support. You could address customer queries either in discussions – which demonstrates your willingness to bring a great degree of transparency in your interactions. Or you could address them in one-on-one chats. Once again the deep search tools can be used to monitor if similar feedback is coming from a specific city and take measures to address them on the ground in a particular outlet.

Apart from your exclusive brand community, you can even keep an eye on the conversations/polls in the general interest communities or take active participation in their Q&A sessions. This is an opportunity for powerful marketing research, cross-promotion, and driving traffic to your own community. There are already several communities around hobbies interests like yoga and meditation, tech enthusiasts, photography, travel, spirituality etc. You could even create a public community that relates to your product and encourage people to join.

Marketing, social media, community, branding, brand, strategy, startup, digital, entrepreneur

CommunityZapp platform can also be leveraged for effective B2B relationship building. There are several professional communities like marketing professionals, event managers, engineers, graphic designers etc. Here also you can search for vendors and business providers that complement your industry. Then you can connect with them and offer your services or engage them to work with your company.

For marketers, social media is increasingly becoming an awareness and outreach tool rather than an engagement and conversion tool.  So, the time has come for businesses and marketing teams to take a bold step and reassess their dependence on social media as the primary channel of marketing, promotion, and relationship building.

Are you ready to make the vital shift in your marketing strategy to dedicated community platforms for better access, brand loyalty, sustained engagement, and ROI?

Then, head right now to CommunityZapp and create an exclusive community around your brand.