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Addiction is a condition that needs thorough medical intervention for proper recovery. Like any other ailment addiction also has symptoms, effects, causes and treatment. Hence, timely medical intervention can help the afflicted attain a quick, healthy and lasting recovery. Yet many people fail to either seek help or recognize that they need help. There can be various reasons for the same but the outcome is the same – severe damage to physical and mental health.

Why is recovery so tough?

Addiction is a brain disease which causes changes in brain chemistry with passage of time and prolonged exposure. Depending on the severity of the addiction, it may become very difficult for experts to reverse the changes and help the individual get free from substance dependence. Often people also fail to recover from addiction because they do not report other symptoms or unusual experiences to the consulting doctor. Misdiagnosis or an incomplete diagnosis can miss the presence of a co-occurring disorder or even a crucial underlying cause.

There are many challenges that addicts face during recovery. That is why so many don’t even want to bother to try and also why so many addicts relapse as well. Here are a few challenges that often hinder recovery –

  • Usually high functioning addicts will use their persuasiveness and intelligence to justify maintaining their addiction. They are able to convince themselves (and others) that they aren’t in need of any therapy and that everything is ‘just fine’.  You cannot expect to rid of your condition if you aren’t willing to accept it in the first place.
  • A good portion of addicts say that the main reason they got into substance abuse was that their friends told them it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. Overcoming this peer pressure and finding people who are invested in your recovery can be challenging.
  • Sometimes trauma also tends to acts like a catalyst which leads to people relapse and resort to addictives like alcohol to drugs.  It may feel like whatever you are doing is helping you ‘alleviate’ the pain but the truth is that it’s just a temporary escape from reality.
  • Once someone has begun recovery a huge obstacle that one has to overcome is boredom. Since you don’t do what you used to do before you are left with an ample amount of time which leads to boredom. It’s better to find an engaging activity or hobby to fill in the gap.
Addiction, recovery, alcohol, social media, binge eating, tobacco, painkillers, cocaine, heroin, gambling, internet addiction, sex addiction, rehabilitation

While managing these challenges, taking the help of others becomes vital during recovery.

One thing that most addicts seem to forget is that they don’t have to be alone in this journey. With the right support, anyone can get back on track in just a matter of time.

Joining online communities which are centred on recovery might just be the right thing to do in this regard. However, just any community won’t do. To see proper results you will have to join online platforms which are specifically made for people like you. Platforms which are engaging and truly helpful – a platform like CareSpace.

CareSpace provides a safe environment to open up and meet others in their journey of recovery as well.  You can use discussion boards on the platform and share your everyday pain, struggles and triumphs. It can be about anything that helps in your recovery and find solutions from fellow members and families that people have been or are going through what you are going through at the moment.

Polls are held regularly on the communities to know the opinions of fellow members on various issues and different options. This feature especially comes in handy when you’ve got limited options/paths but aren’t quite sure on which one would serve you best. Another alternative will be to engage in the Q and A sessions with the experts (therapists, doctors, counselors etc.) on any queries or problems that you are facing during recovery.

CareSpace has got numerous communities that are related to addiction like the alcoholism recovery community, web addiction support community and do on. You will be able to post the aforementioned polls and take part in discussions on these communities and gain insights on how to go forward with your recovery.

If you’re still unsure about online communities simply because you feel like you are exposing yourself to the world, fret not because CareSpace provides top-notch tools for ensuring your privacy and anonymity so that you will be able to give your inputs whether it be a poll or a discussion or a Q and A session with complete discretion. If you wish you can even create a private community and invite only the people you are comfortable with for discussions and support.

Addiction, recovery, alcohol, social media, binge eating, tobacco, painkillers, cocaine, heroin, gambling, internet addiction, sex addiction, rehabilitation

With CareSpace you can locate local resources that can aid you through recovery like finding support groups or get recommendations for trusted doctors or therapists near you. You can also take advantage of the deep search tools to find anyone within the platform to find fellow families and addicts within your city,  or managing an addiction similar to your own.

If your current recovery protocol involves medication, you can use the tracker that allows you to set reminders for dosage and timings so that you never miss any medication.

Joining CareSpace communities will be a vital step in your recovery because you will be surrounded by those who have gone through the same path as you and know that it is a tough journey to be taken alone. Each and every member of these communities are there for one another and there will come a time when you will be even offering your hand to help someone in need of guidance.

The fact that you have decided to begin this journey of recovery should make you feel proud in itself but you should be adequately prepared to meet the challenges during this journey. Finding all the support, inspiration, and advice you need to navigate these challenges effectively in order to become the person you wish to become is what CareSpace is really about.

Don’t delay the freedom you ought to receive for one more moment – start your recovery the right now by joining CareSpace.