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As the year 2019 begins, it is definitely important to revisit and invigorate your passion, drive, and purpose. At the same time, it is also important to have actionable resolutions that provide daily results that add up to your yearly goals.

Once you have set your resolutions, the next step is to find resources, experts, and spaces that create an enabling environment that supports you in sticking to these resolutions even after you have lost the new year rush. The Startup and entrepreneur support communities on CommunityZapp aim to create exactly such a space.

Here are four resolutions that will help you leverage the communities of CommunityZapp platform to drive productivity and create outcomes that revitalize your startup in 2019 –

entrepreneur, startup, team building, strategy, mentor, community, branding, brand building, networking
  • Step up your networking game

Research by Economist Intelligence Unit confirms that, informal professional networks and communities are more important for entrepreneurial success than formal structures such as incubators and accelerators. As a matter of fact, greater the number of networking activities entrepreneurs engage in- higher is the chance of having  positive returns in terms of profitability, revenue growth, innovation, capitalization, and talent.

Efficient networking is the key for finding valuable leads and prospective vendors. Networking also helps you interact with your community and establish the credentials/profile of your startup within the industry. This will in turn help you catch the eye of investors and secure funding with relative ease. Before embarking on networking in 2019, make a list of all the ways you can add value to different categories of people in your circle. Then lead by implementing them instead on looking for only short term quid pro quo deals.

Whether you want to network among fellow entrepreneurs, vendors, or allied professionals, CommunityZapp is the space for you. Here you can find people that interest you (based on city, industry etc.) and connect with them privately without revealing your private info like phone number or social media handle. If you want an introduction to an industry leader, fellow members of your community can provide that for you. Apart from personal networking, you can also find recommendations for best networking and industry events in your area in the events section of the platform.

entrepreneur, startup, team building, strategy, mentor, community, branding, brand building, networking
  • Build a community around your brand

Even in today’s technology driven world, personal touch and genuine relationships continue to play a vital role in brand building. In light of this fact, brand communities are gaining prominence as tools of relationship building from establishments across industries. An online community significantly improves brand exposure, awareness and credibility. According to Forrester report, 60% of businesses already own a branded online community for this purpose.

Today’s customers are disillusioned with the highly commercialized advertising and promotional messages. So, the best bet for you to create an effective promotional outreach with minimal investment is to build a brand community. Such a brand community would give you the platform to establish customer trust and a direct emotional connect. This will in turn earn you a base of willing participants who are invested in your growth.

CommunityZapp is an excellent platform for building a loyal and vibrant community around your brand. The polls and discussions boards on the platform can be used to get accurate picture of market trends. The deep search features of the platform enable you to do market research or product trials among people of specific city or interests. You can even create an invite-only community to create the sense of exclusivity and belonging among your customers.

entrepreneur, startup, team building, strategy, mentor, community, branding, brand building, networking
  • Build the dream team

According to the study by Rotman school of management, success of a new venture often depends on the ability of the founder to attract a great team around him or her. The study reveals that though the founder’s characteristics are important, what is more important is the team they lead. While a high functioning team at work is vital for your growth, having collaborators and partners is the ideal way to offset your weaknesses and concentrate on your core business goals.

People play a huge role in any organisational machinery – perhaps much more in startup environment. No matter how talented and efficient you are, it is practically impossible to do all things on your own. You need to create the dream team – people upon whom you can rely on and delegate tasks, people who compliment your skills, and  people who can translate your ideas into tangible products and services.

If you are searching for a partner or collaborator, startup support communities on CommunityZapp are an excellent place to get started. You can use the deep search tools of the platform to find specific people from your city or industry. Then you can connect with them privately on chats and take the conversation forward. If you are looking for a collaborator or a team member, then the job boards of the platform and dedicated jobs communities can help you find apt candidates.

  • Get a mentor

A quality mentorship has been proven to have a powerful positive effect on young entrepreneurs. According to Sage research, 93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success. Startups and entrepreneurs often operate in high risk environments and deal with resource constraints every day. In such a situation, having a mentor can definitely boost the stability and longevity of your business. In fact, 70% of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years.

Mentors provide diverse support – reassurance, technical expertise, industry connections, networking support, troubleshooting, and so on. You might even need to find more than one mentor in order to have all round support. It is a good idea to set three priority areas in which you need mentorship and actively look for people who can deliver the goods. Don’t forget to determine what you can offer in return and how much time you can invest in the process before starting on this journey.

CommunityZapp is a great platform for finding and interacting with mentors. You can look for a mentor in the specialised entrepreneur communities ( Startup community, Tech entrepreneurs) or the expert panel of the platform. You can also check out specific professional communities (Marketing, IT professionals, engineers, Fintech) for mentors who specialize in specific areas related to your industry.

It is true that basics of organization building like networking, team building, and mentoring are relevant across all industries, sizes, and growth stages. But, by leveraging your community connections, you can adapt your goals and strategies much more effectively to meet your changing needs.

So, as you begin 2019, take a firm step towards achieving all your startup goals in 2019 by joining the exclusive Startup community of CommunityZapp or even create a dedicated community for your brand.