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Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian spiritual master who was regarded by his devotees as a saint, fakir, and Satguru, according to their individual beliefs.

Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. He stressed the importance of surrender to the true Satguru or Murshid, who, having walked through the path to divine consciousness, will lead the disciple through the jungle of spiritual training.

Sai Baba was not a scholarly philosopher and his words were simple and practical, not complex or obscure. He was always trying to communicate with his listeners and his words were imbued with his love of humanity. He often explained his teachings by using parables and what he preached was a way of life that spoke of kindness, generosity and tolerance. He only asked people to live with Shraddha (respect) and suburi (patience).

Sai Baba spoke in simple ways and did not write down anything. He disapproved of orthodox religious practices and did not approve of people fasting, saying practically, “God is not to be found on an empty stomach.”

For Sai Baba sharing were very important and he said, “If any human beings or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect. Shri Hari will certainly be pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked and your veranda to strangers for sitting and resting.”

Shirdi, Sai Baba, spirituality, religion

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These teachings hold good even today as human behaviour tends to remain the same throughout the course of time. It is important then, to remember Sai Baba’s teachings in our day-to-day dealings. What better way to keep in touch with Sai Baba than joining dedicated online platforms reserved to spreading the knowledge attained by his followers.

CommunityZapp is one such platform which allows followers of Sai Baba come together and interact with each other so that everyone benefits in the community and since it is an exclusive community, interacting with the followers will result in the community behaving like a family. CommunityZapp has a large number of features that every member gets to enjoy, some of them include –

  • The art of practice

In this day and age where we are all focused on materialistic goals and short term gains, it is always easy to lose sight of values like that of being truthful, honest, spreading love and the message of non-violence. It is here where we will need a proper support structure to help us see the right path and help us steer away from amorality.

On the Sai Baba community on CommunityZapp you will be exposed to members spreading awareness on Sai Baba’s teachings on a daily basis and that will encourage you to practically apply it to your life. Staying in contact with fellow devotees will also help you in your own practices as you will learn from other’s experiences.

  • Find fellow devotees

It is always better to find people with the same interests as you and it is truer in the case of Sai Baba. With the Saibaba community growing by the day, it will not be a surprise if you come across fellow devotees who reside in your city following which you can even opt to create a separate community for sharing local events and functions. If you want to find someone within the app, it can be done quite easily with the deep search tools within the app.

  • Find the best accommodations

By joining a community for devotees you are sure to meet a few seasoned travellers who can give you recommendations on your accommodations when you’re on a yatra. Not only that, but you will also receive travelling advice from these people so that your yatra is hassle-free.

Shirdi, Sai Baba, spirituality, religion

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  • Get recommendations on places to visit

When on your yathra you will be able to find nearby places to visit which will add to the overall spiritual experience. You will also be able to get recommendations on the best budget hotels nearest to the temple as well as the best local tour packages to get the best experience.

  • Host discussions and post polls

Not sure about which destination should be first on your itinerary? No need to worry, you can just ask the best destinations/locations by hosting discussions or better yet if you’ve got a few places in mind you can also post polls to get the collective opinion on particular destinations.

  • Get all your queries answered

We all feel low and at times we question everything it is especially at these times that we truly require support. At times like this, we might have spiritual questions as well. If there is anything bothering you can share it on the exclusive community without having to worry about things like privacy and anonymity.

  • Find local events & gatherings

With CommunityZapp you will be able to get exclusive access to local events and gatherings which you would not be able to get otherwise. \Additionally, you can also host your own event for fellow devotees in your city and you can spread the news through the community so that more people who wish to attend the event aren’t missing out.

My eye is ever on those who love me.

-Sai Baba

It is frequently debated if Saibaba is a God or a saint but one thing is for sure his teachings and his way of life had a tremendous effect on the lives of millions. It is the duty of every follower to help one another and also spread his teachings so that we all live in peace and harmony – as envisioned by Baba.

So come join the Saibaba devotees community on CommunityZapp to learn more about Sai Baba’s teachings and help ignite the flame of his wisdom in people’s minds once more.